Tour the Suite

Virginia’s Garden Guest Suite was the end result of a dream.


Owners, Kathleen and DennisDennis and Kathleen moved to Nashville from Indianapolis in 2003. They fell in love with beautiful Brown County and the people of the village of Nashville. They discovered that their new house had been owned by the Petro family for over 50 years. They have enjoyed meeting local residents who remember this family fondly.

Since Bunt Petro was the local barber, he and his wife Vida added a separate suite onto their house so Bunt could cut hair and talk to friends and neighbors. Dennis and Kathleen turned Bunt’s barbershop area into a unique guest suite where visitors can stay and enjoy all that Brown County has to offer. The private guest suite has become a wonderful non-hotel choice for their guests. The courtyard garden, full of flowers and trees , some which were started by Vida, reminded them of the many colorful quilts made by Kathleen’s mother, Virginia Flannery Godfrey. They decided to name the guest suite after Kathleen's  Mom — an artist who created so many wonderful memories of her family before she passed away.

Please come and see what so many of their guests have discovered — peace, quiet, luxury, whimsy…
We look forward to having the opportunity to pamper you and help you discover what we have; that Brown County and Nashville are a  very special place!